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Hi, I‘m Rocco. Sparkling Rocco. 

Made from sweet, slightly-sour apples -
seductively red and refreshingly different. 

Non-alcoholic and yet a party bomb.  

So don‘t call me apple juice, call me aperitivo!

Let life surprise you.

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Rocco the Rednose Apple!

Sparkling Rocco only uses red-fleshed Rocco apples in its production. This special apple variety naturally has an intense, deep red flesh that is rich in anthocyanins. The addition of red-fleshed apples in the production gives "Sparkling Rocco" a natural red color and gives it its characteristic taste and visual appeal.


In addition, red apples are often associated with sweet and sour notes, giving "Sparkling Rocco" a balanced flavor dimension. This strain may also contain higher levels of antioxidants, which are known for their potential health benefits.

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Sparkling Rocco-6 - Kopie (2)
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Pur Südtirol

"Our customers love the product. Regardless of the season, it is one of our most purchased products. A big compliment to the young team. If you can taste passion, it's with Rocco."
- Felix Zanandrea, Head of Marketing & E-commerce
Rocco is everywhere!

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